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Re: [suse-security] maybe off topic, ports ftp

You might look into using rsync over ssh. You will then get the best of both worlds: ssh for security, and rsync for block level copying and resuming of failed partial transfers.

piet wrote:
ah you have something there!
I need to upload photoos (as a photographer) so yes the files are large.
when abroad I run into all kind of problems mailing them.

Usually this is done by means of a mac and then use sagem easy-transfer isdn filetransfer protocol, but I use XP on my laptop and linux at home.

Suse never answered my question on the easy transfer protocol support by linux,
So I thought to ftp them to my homeserver and then mail them or whatever.

Andreas Bittner wrote:

The fine thing about sftp is, that it works out-of-the box. It runs


the ssh daemon :)

only bad thing with sftp/scp is, that its not able to resume the
transfer of large files, or what about that capability of ftp?
on slow lines, huge files, dynamic dial lines and crowded connections,
this can be quite of an obstacle to get your data transferred.

or is there any news about resume capabilites of sftp and other stuff
standard ftp is capable of?

otherwise its kinda useless i would say in circumstanced described

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