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Re: [suse-security] Amavis... interesting

Quoting Dieter Kirchner <dkirchner@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Depends on mailer. For postfix I would say yes, don't know exim etc.
> so
> good.

Same thing, easy, examples are included. The docs and config-file all
explain the lot

As you are at it, check out amaia, (see sourceforge) you will like it.
This one makes admin of spam and virus quarantine easy for admin and

> Don't think so, guess they use a MTA which does not change any
> header.
> You can do a port redirect with iptables on port 25 on your scanning
> host,
> redirecting it into a MTA you configure to resend the stuff after
> scanning.

Hmm, well thinking about this it is rather easy.
primary MX is the proxy so that's easy. And mail is used to being
relayed (aka proxied) so maybe redirecting outgoing 25 to internal
interface ip might just work.

Much easier is to disallow forwarding of connections to port 25 and
set internal mailers to use proxy/fw as the standard relay.

BB, Arjen

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