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Re: [suse-security] /usr/sbin/compartment fails to chroot for non-root user [PART SOLVED]


Am Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2004 12:59 schrieb Tom Knight:
> > > I'm now trying:
> > > `sudo /usr/bin/chroot /home/update.jail /bin/su -l update`
> > > So my chroot command/shell is `/bin/su -l update`.
> I don't like the idea of having the setuid root /bin/su in the jail.

Maybe you can remove the setuid-bit ;-)

If the commands I quoted are still correct, su is called by root - so 
there's no need to become root and no need to have a suid bit.
I can't guarantee it, just try ;-)


Christian Boltz
Eight Megabytes Always Continuously Swapping ;-)
[emacs package description in SuSE 8.2]

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