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Re: [suse-security] Filesystem choice in secure server installati on

* Volker Kuhlmann; <hidden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on 22 Jan, 2004 wrote:
I suppose it's because they use ACLs. This feature is not supported by

Excuse me? SuSE was the first to have ACL support for all 4 journalling
file systems, and has had it for a while now. Since 8.0 I believe.

SuSE linux admin guide for 8.2 (pdf version page 498

"Access Control Lists are a feature of the Linux kernel and are currently
supported by ReiserFS, Ext2, Ext3, JFS, and XFS. Using ACLs, complex
scenarios can be realized without implementing complex permission models
on the application level."

I have always used reiserfs, workstations and servers, and never had a
problem. With SuSE kernels though, it's possible that vanilla and redhat
kernels are more dodgy wrt reiserfs.

Me too that is why the quesition is raised

When some document says to use ext3 instead of reiserfs for a server,
then I suspect the reasons for that are more political than technical.

However the document I made a referance to is the EAL2 certification
guide for SuSE SLES8, why would/should SUSE loose its superiority to its
competitors. There has to be a technical reason rather tan a poictical
one as opinion is not a fact as far as I am concerned


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