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Re: [suse-security] Filesystem choice in secure server installation

* Barry Gill; <b@xxxxxxxxx> on 22 Jan, 2004 wrote:
Being a long time user of both, I have found that ReiserFS is easier to recover from failure, but EXT3 is less prone to failure.

Looking in the SuSE 8.2 Professional Manual, there are some very concise and clear definitions of what the pro's and con's of the various different filesystems are.

It is interesting to discover how one can read things and not pay
attention to discover later it has been there for ages

I would suggest reading through something like this to give you a better understanding of what the differences are.

(Especially when it comes to maximum allowable partitions/filesizes etc)

According to the 8.2 Admin guide page 490(pdf version)

"Ext3 is designed to take care of both metadata and data.The degree of
care  can be customized.Enabling Ext3 in the data=journal mode offers
maximum security (i.e., data integrity), but can slow down the system as
both metadata and data are journaled.A relatively new approach is to use
the data=ordered mode, which ensures both data and metadata integrity,
but uses journaling only for metadata.The file system driver collects
all data blocks that correspond to one metadata update.These blocks are
grouped as a  transaction  and will be written to disk before the
metadata is updated.As a result, consistency is achieved for metadata
and data without sacrificing"

"ReiserFS has proven to be a powerful alternative to the old Ext2.Its key
assets are better disk space utilization, better disk access
performance, and faster crash recovery.However, there is a minor
drawback:ReiserFS pays great care to metadata but not to the data
itself.Future generations of ReiserFS will include data journaling (both
metadata and actual data are written to the journal) as well as ordered

So my understanding from the above is the lack of caring for the data
itself causes reiserfs to be drawn awya from the filesystem choice.

Since Ext3 can take care of metadata and data itself becomes a winner.


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