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[suse-security] Check Mail (Probable ATACK)

Hi to all,

I have mail report made by the lire command and i see some strange
things (or think they are).

Here is a part of my log

Summary of delivery for the most common domains.

 Sender's Domain                              Deliveries % Total % Domain
 -------------------------------------------- ---------- ------- --------
 mkt-l21.net                                        4845    44.9     44.9
    check_mail                                      4845    44.9    100.0
 only-best-things.com                               3633    33.7     33.7
    check_mail                                      3633    33.7    100.0

The domains mkt-l21.net and only-best-things.com are unknown to me....
My pop3 port is open to the world but why are these
domains always cheking their mail on my mail server? Is this a kind of
atack to my machine ? How should i deny the access to these domains ?


Joao Reis

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