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Re: [suse-security] Filesystem choice in secure server installation

* Kristian Köhntopp; <kris@xxxxxxxxxxxx> on 23 Jan, 2004 wrote:
On Friday 23 January 2004 07:36, Brandon Hines wrote:
As a side note, one reason to support Reiser is that Hans is probably
among the most innovative open source programmer out there.  While his
artwork much more of an acquired taste, his views on the future of file
systems is very interesting.

This is leaving the intended scope of discussion for this list fast, but I believe the artwork is his mothers, if I remember correctly.

I agree and I want to understand the technical reasons not personal
experiences ( I value them all, yet they do not give me the reasoning
why Ext3 was choosen in during the certification process)

Thanks for all the responses so far and yes I will make a summary of the
whole thing.
ps. As a side note there is a similar discussion on postfix-user list,
So I am watching that thread with interest as well

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