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Re: [suse-security] Server hang up after firewall operations or net operations

Hi there - just a quick observation.

Are you using the right kernel for your machine?

> 2.4.21-166-smp4G

AFAIK this is a kernel built for Symetrical Multiple
Processor machines.

If you only have one CPU in your machine, try the default
kernel to see if that works ok.


Regards - Keith Roberts

On Sun, 25 Jan 2004, Mario Neubert wrote:

> To: 'Suse-Security' <suse-security@xxxxxxxx>
> From: Mario Neubert <mario_neubert@xxxxxx>
> Subject: [suse-security] Server hang up after firewall operations or net
>     services
> hello list,
> has anyone seen such behaviour?
> My new server hangs after some network/firewall related tasks and the only solution is a hard reset. Memory-test has no failure. I
> don't know what is it. How I can find out the problem. Please read the logfile, to discover what's happened. I have grep'ed some
> lines before/after the syslogd restart (the first line after reboot). Mostly hangs happends on this machine during ssh connects but
> not only. The Server is a Celeron-2GHz/512MB/SuSE9.0 ...
> hostxxx:/ # uname -r
> 2.4.21-166-smp4G

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