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RE: [suse-security] chroot: ssh works, scp doesn't (more info)

> what I found by means of google:
> | I suspect this won't work.  Scp is nothing but a hardcoded
> command running
> | over an ssh channel.  When you scp a file to a remote host, your local
> | host makes an ssh connection to the remote system and then runs
> a specific
> | command on that remote system -- which means that you have to have a
> | shell that, minimally, accept the '-c <command>' command line option.
> |
> | For example, the following command:
> |
> |   scp file remotehost:
> |
> | Is largely equivilent to:
> |
> |   ssh remotehost <shell> -c "scp -t ."
> so please try again with
> /bin/compart.jail:
> #!/bin/bash
> /bin/bash "$@"
> if that works, all you have to do is go back to your first try,
> but don't forget to pass the command line arguments
>    ;)
> 	Lars Ellenberg

May I praise you to the world?

Of course, that DID work. Now I've changed my /bin/compart.jail to read:
sudo /usr/sbin/compartment --user update --group nogroup --chroot
/home/update/JAIL /bin/bash "$@"

Thank you _very_ much indeed for bringing a smile to an otherwise
rubbish Monday morning!


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