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Re: [suse-security] FreeSwan Kernel Config

> Thanks for the reply, however, I still get an error when I issue the
command.  What directory should I be in when I execute it?
> When I try make coloneconfig in the /usr/src/linux directory it responds
> # make: ***No Rule to make target ** Stop.
> I have 2.4.21-15 Kernel installed according to YaST.

If you got the correct kernel you can read following:


Line 379

cloneconfig: symlinks

If not you have the false kernel.

Maybe I forgot:

> >  make coloneconfig && make deps


cd /usr/src/linux && make coloneconfig && make deps

> # make: ***No Rule to make target ** Stop.

Means you are not in the right directory for building the kernel
This is SuSE specific, the kernel from www.kernel.org does not have this

Before you compile any modules for free swan or other stuff you must have
ther correct kernel.
This even helps with the nvidia-drivers (error while you run nvidia
setupfile if you want to use up-to-date nvidia drivers).

If there are afterwards errors read the manual (README or INSTALL file)
provided by the packages for any hints.


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