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[suse-security] Please remove this @#$%^&% from the list.

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 07:11, maillist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Please reply to this e-mail to receive our current specials. If others
> should get this, include their e-mail also.
This is the whois info. Maybe this could be posted on a few newsgroups,
I'm sure they would like to get the additional phone calls.

Lockhart Design (LMTIZXWXGD)
   7505 Big Buck Trail
   Waxhaw, NC 28173


   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Dunn, Lance  (LD3695)             dunnnc@xxxxxxx
      Dunn Mfg Corp dba Adcap Line
      1400 Goldmine Rd.
      Monroe, NC 28110
      704-283-2147 fax: 704-289-6857

   Record expires on 19-Aug-2004.
   Record created on 19-Aug-2003.
   Database last updated on 27-Jan-2004 07:16:01 EST.

   Domain servers in listed order:


This comes back from ARIN

kens:~ # whois
Time Warner Telecom TWTC-NETBLK-4 (NET-66-192-0-0-1)
Charlotte Colocation TWTC-CHRL-C-CHCO-00 (NET-66-193-8-0-1)

Perhaps a complaint to Time Warner would be in order.

Ken Schneider
unix user since 1989
linux user since 1994
SuSE user since 1998 (5.2)

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