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RE: [suse-security] vsftpd & epsv4 mode

> 227 Entering Passive Mode (XXX,XXX,XX,XX,23,72)
> that works quite good. curiously I can establish a connection to this 
> ftp-server via VPN (and the private IP-Number). within my 
> enterprise network 
> the 229 - Extended Passive Mode works!
> therefore it is definitely not the fault of vsftpd. here comes my 
> questions.
> 1) I assume the number "46579" is the port number given from the 
> FTP server in 
> the case of epsv. the ",23-72" is the range of data port given by 
> FTP in case 
> of pasv mode. is that correct?
> therefore one firewall seems blocking the high-port 46579 in the case of 
> internet-connection (at VPN connection all traffice goes through..)??

the final two numbers are an (obscure) definition of the port number:
(23*256)+72 = 5960

So the passive connection is trying to connect to Port 5960.


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