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Re: [suse-security] sftp with no ssh login

Ben Yau wrote:

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From: Sven 'Darkman' Michels [mailto:sven@xxxxxxxxxx]

Ben Yau wrote:
Another thing to try is put "logout" at the beginning of ~/.bash_login.
Upon ssh login it will run the .bash_login and log them out.
On sftp, it
won't run ~/.bash_login so they can still sftp
ssh user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx rm .bash_login


Ruin my day .. go ahead :)

I started thinking of another solution (along the lines of alias
rm='logout') when I realized that a smart user could just sftp and put in a
new ~/.bash_profile.

Provided they were clever enough to figure out how you auto logged them out.

Depends on what's acceptable at your place. You could give the person (people) a home dir that is owned by root, and all files in the home dir owned by root, with perms of 555 (basically a shell home, just enough to make whatever you need work); then you could set things up that way. It seems to me there should be a more elegant way, but my point is you should be able to make the above work. That is assuming you're allowed to lock it down that tight (by management).


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