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Re: Fw: [suse-security] sftp with no ssh login

Quoting Manuel Balderrábano <garibolo@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi to all again, thanks for all the ideas!
> What I did at the end is a mix of some things you guys said:
> 1.- created a .bashrc fila with a logout on the first line for all users
> (Just one)
> 2.- Change shell to bash for all this users.
> 3.- chown root .bashrc
> 4.- chmod 555 .bashrc
> And there you go!
> Do you find a hole on that?

Why don't you just use 'scponly' or 'rssh'?  The posted workarounds are kinda
silly when there are two perfectly good programs written precisely for what
you're looking for...

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