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Re: [suse-security] 3C509 Ethernet Adaptor Support

Thanks Nick,

I configured it with the 3Com DOS prog.  Removed Plug & Pray .  Tests worked
OK on I/O 300 IRQ 5
I was then able to config using Yast2.

But I still cannot get DHCPD to assign IP addresses over this interface.
I had the same trouble with a previous ISA Ethernet Card which was my reason
for trying the 3Com device.
DHCPD works fine when I am using a PCI ethernet device as eth0 but not it
seems when I use an ISA one as eth0.
All my config files (named, dhcpd, SuSEfirewall2) remain unchanged.

Any ideas where else I can look.

I am stumped !

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Subject: Re: [suse-security] 3C509 Ethernet Adaptor Support

> I don't know about current times, but in the past, to make Linux see 3c509
> cards, you needed to run the DOS setup program (I forget what it was
> you can probably still download it from 3COM's web site; failing that, I
> could probably scrape together a copy & email it to you) and disable the
> "plug & pray" feature of it.  After doing that, they always worked like a
> charm.  I most likely have at least one of them running on SuSE 8.2 at
> in a least one machine.
> -Nick

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