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Re: [suse-security] Identical http request in log file


Am Montag, 02. Februar 2004 15:02 schrieb Andreas Jägermann:
> I gathered some additional info on this topic:
> I'm running different webservers (virtual hosts) on one ip address.
> If the "supicious" user connects to server A the request is doubled.
> At host B not. Another user connecting to host A show _no_ doubled
> request, too. This problem only occurs if this specific user connects
> to host A.

Just a try: Maybe the user's browser has cached a "wrong" 
username/password set. Try using another browser the user has never 
used before or clear all password caches.

Sniffing the network packets and looking for the username and password 
being sent could make things clearer.


Christian Boltz
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