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Re: [suse-security] Protecting Exchange with Suse proxy & postfix relay

Eric Kahklen wrote:

I am currently trying to implement an Exchange 2000 server and it was suggested by a friend that I put a SuSE box between the internet and Exchange. He suggested having Postfix relay incoming mail only to the Exchange box and then allow Exchange to send out its mail through the firewall (Watchguard). Then for the OWA/SSL connectivity, he suggested using Apache's mod_proxy & mod_ssl to protect IIS. I am only going to allow https traffic to my exchange server. My question is, is this plan feasible? and does anyone know if there is a how to out there for this type of configuration? I've never setup Postfix or these Apache modules so I am hoping to find out if its possible since I don't have a lot of time to set this up due to the launch date of Exchange.

Thanks and I appologize if this isn't totally on topic,


check out the website www.postfix.org as well as their mailing list (google groups)
this subject has been discussed in great detail

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