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Re: [suse-security] Is it iptables enough?

To make sure that nothing is in there that isn't supposed to be and to bring it to a known clean state. It's often setup so that you run a script that flushes the firewall rules and then inserts the ruleset you want in there (as a bootscript in rc.d, usually). alternately, this approach also means that an emergency reboot will kill whatever the firewall rules were (if you suspect they were bad).


Keith Roberts wrote:

Or just type:

  # iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT
  # iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT
  # iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT
  # iptables -F

as root to flush your IPTables script!

How can i put the above commands at the boot time.

I put iptables command in the boot.local but nothing happened.

Why would you want to flush your firewall script at boot

Regards - Keith Roberts

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