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Re: [suse-security] Opening SMTP for Postfix

* Boris B. Zhmurov; <bb@xxxxxxxxxx> on 09 Feb, 2004 wrote:
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Eric Kahklen wrote:
| I fixed it! I found in the main.cf file that there are two places with
| the inet_interfaces =  specification.  I don't know if yast2 put them
| there when I ran it for mail, or if this is standard.  I sure hope not
| since this could be very confusing!!!
| Eric

Yep, yast doesn't edit original parameter's, it add another one in the
end of main.cf. Any way, you can check postfix's configuration by typing

however if you read /etc/sysconfig/postfix and add your customization


You can run SuSEConfig --module postfix and everything will be as you
want and you would still be using the SuSEconfig without worrying what
will happen when SuSEConfig runs and destroys my changes  :-)


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