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[suse-security] sendmail/amavis.

Hi There,

Im using sendmail and amavis on a suse 9.0 (32 bit) machine along with sophos 

Ive said yes to the "use amavis" in the amavis file inside /etc/sysconfig.  
Amavis starts up fine, sendmail starts up fine (without any error messages).  
ive configured amavisd.conf as per the instructions in /usr/share/doc/
packages/amavis.  Ive also run /etc/SuSEconfig to recreate any neccessary 
conf files, and then rebooted the server.  but when i send the eicar test 
virus, it doesnt virus scan at all!  But no errors, nothing saying amavis or 
sendmail have a problem.  Sendmail just ISNT sending the email to amavis!

Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

Id attach the config files, but im assuming that this mailing list would chop 
them off?


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