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Re: [suse-security] /dev/random support for openssl and suse8.1

On Feb 12, Jens Gassmann <jens.gassmann@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> my mailserver(qmail) could not connect to other mailserver with TLS.
> I read that qmail and openssl must have /dev/random but at my
> installation (suse 8.1) there is no /dev/random? How can i install
> /dev/random?
Your installation is _severly_ broken. The /dev/random special device file
is included with the package "devs". Try to reinstall it, but I fear that
there may be other problems as well with your machine.
Another thing _may_ be, that qmail is running in a chroot and you didn't
copy the /dev/random to /dir/of/qmail/chroot/dev (use cp -a for this).
But I don't know if qmail supports/uses chroot ...

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