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[suse-security] ipop3d too secure?

Hello list,

after upgrading from SuSE 8.0 to 9.0 I have a problem with our POP3 
server: we use simple plain text logins for the mail server (we really 
do not need more security). With 8.0 this works with ipop3d out of the 
box. On 8.2 login is no longer possible. I replaced the ipop3d with the 
program from 8.0 and it worked fine again. Now after the upgrade to 9.0 
this is not possible anymore, as the 8.0 program wants an older version 
of libssl. So I am stuck here.

Want can I do to make ipop3d work again? Was has changed against the 
version in 8.0? I cannot find any related information in the READMEs 

Thanks for any help!


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