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RE: [suse-security] newbie ssh question

> To avoid using a password, you must setup keys.  See:
> http://vh224401.truman.edu/~dbindner/guide/a2076.html
> But this only works (AFAIK) from linux to linux, i.e. no putty /
> Windows.  I could be wrong...
--> No, this will also work from Windows to Linux. You have to use the 
graphical interface of PuTTY to define which key to use for a given 
user@host configuration. If you specify this configuration on the 
commandline for PuTTY ssh or scp, it will use the key defined above.

Use "puttygen.exe" to create keys. Then you have to upload the 
"keyname.pub" file to your SSH server and add it to the 
~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.


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