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[suse-security] INFECTED Emails over the list

hallo everybody,

today several Emails with the worm W32.Beagle.B@mm arrived my system over the 
suse - security - list. The worm is also known as:
W32.Alua@mm, Win32/Bagle.B.Worm [Computer Associates], Bagle.B [F-Secure], 
W32/Bagle.b@MM [McAfee], W32/Bagle.B@mm [Norman], WORM_BAGLE.B [Trend Mirco], 
W32/Bagle.B.worm [Panda], W32/Tanx-A [Sophos].
Three Emails WITH THE malicious attachment came from: poeml@xxxxxxx,
Four Emails with the same suspicious header but_without_ the attachment came 
Robert Schiele
Rainer Link@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
please update Your virusdefs and disinfect Your system!!
More information about the worm at BSI, heise.de (in german), 
Symantec and NAI (in english). The worm spreads until february, 25!!
Thank You

C. A. Kunze

Finding virusses, worms or other malware is the job of a physician. In human 
beeings or even in computer systems  

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