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Re: [suse-security] ID wwywxugwisi... thanks

On Tuesday 17 February 2004 19:04, Robert Schiele wrote:

> But this makes posting to the list much more inconvenient that do not use
> PGP regularly.  And finally it does not help that much.  If someone builds
> such an exploit, he could as well generate a random PGP key and register it
> for the mailing list. --- In principile this could also be done
> automatically by a virus itself, although most viruses are far from that
> complexity nowadays.

Maybe it is an idea to ditch all mail with certain attachments (.pif, .exe and 
a few other commond Windows executables come to mind). Since we're all 
running SuSE Linux in one way or the other, there is only a remote chance 
that there is any good in a message if it contains such an attachment. In 
fact, I'm rejecting these kinds of attachments on incoming e-mail for a while 
(so I missed the e-mail starting this thread). Most of the recent virus 
outbreaks didn't even reach the virusscanner...

Best regards,

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