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Re: [suse-security] PPTP VPN Connection Windows XP client - Linux Server

Joerg Mayer wrote:

I think the variety of answers has shown, that this was the wrong group to
ask this question because the hard part of that question is a windows question.
How to set up pptpd on linux isn't too hard, but how to do that on win...
So if you have questions regarding pptp on linux, come back here and make
sure it's about the linux setup :)

Well, finally, I got at least two useful hints while posting this question to a M$ related group brought me a variety of "use this and that M$ server management tool" or "I don't believe, a Windows system can connect to a Linux server" or just "Linux is not supported here".
That leads me to two major conclusions:
1.) There are Linux experts with Windows-knowledge but not vice versa
2.) Linux users are more open-minded (what a surprise...)

So... from my point of view, it definitely was not the wrong group.
Or do you feel disturbed by me asking a not 100% pure Linux question? ;)


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