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Re: [suse-security] PPTP VPN Connection Windows XP client - Linux Server

> Usage of PPTP is mandatory. Not all clients are capable of IPSEC. And
> the solution must be "(Windows-)enduser-compatible"... However, using
> IPSEC would cause the same problem - how to get a Windows box to
> establish the VPN at startup and use a static route to the remote
>   LAN while leaving the default route pointing at the local internet
> gateway.
This is _not_ a good idea. All professional VPN software I know prohibits
access to the internet while connected to the VPN. Even the cisco VPN
client for linux does that! Most VPN clients also contain a small personal
firewall that rejects all connections. If people need internet while using
the VPN, tell them to use the proxy in your company.

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