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[suse-security] Off Topic : Lost GB in a Dual Boot System ?!

Hi !

I know this is entirely off topic, but maybe somebody is kind and knowledgable enough to help me anyway :)

I recently installed SuSE 9.0 Prof. on a Compaq Presario B1011 laptop which came with Windows XP (Home) already preinstalled. The installation went without a glitch (except for some trouble with the graphics and sound cards, and the fact that the modem is only a softmodem :() but when it came to partitioning the hard drive, the installation routine told me that I could only create a 4GB partition for SuSE and that I should defragment the drive under Windows (NTFS) to obtain a bigger partition. I continued the installation, and after some days, defragmented the drive under Windows. 
Using yast2, I then reduced the Windows Partition in size to 26 GB and created another partition for SuSE, which works just fine. 
However, Windows now tells me that its own partition only has 20 GB, and when, under SuSE, I cd into the Windows partition and then type df, it says the same. The yast partitioning tool however, insists that the Windows partition is actually 26 GB in size. 
Adding up the results of the df command for all partitions accessible in SuSE, I end up with just over 30 GB, while yast says (and I know the notebook came with a 40 GB hdd) the drive has a capacity of 37 GB. 

My question is :

Where are these missing 7 GB, and how can I get them back for Windows ? 

Any help would be appreciated !