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Re: [suse-security] PPTP VPN Connection Windows XP client - Linux Server


> I need to integrate some WinXP clients into a Linux-dominated VPN-network.
> Can anyone give me a hint, how I could tell WinXP to connect to a
> on startup and set a static route to a remote LAN through the VPN server
> while leaving the default route set to the local Internet gateway.

When the windoze are in a LAN with a linux router, you simply use DNS and
ipsec can be used to connect a roadwarrior to a lan or do a lan-lan thing.
All you need is publish the local dns-names to your users, when they try to
connect the router uses the correct interface.

We use such a setup to connect two remote LANs via Internet, one linux
router with ipsec/X509 in each LAN, the rest windoze. For roadwarrior type,
you may use the ipsec-package for Windows, which runs under 2k and XP, using
X509 certificates and built-in ipsec support. This package gives you a
better frontend :-).
Automatic dialup you may do with a link to a folder etc., XP gives you
options to choose the dialup for each remote ressource. Autostart may be a
bad idea.

Dieter Kirchner
Systemadministration BUPNET
+49 551 54707 62 D-Goettingen

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