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Re: [suse-security] SuseFirewall2 & Timeout

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It sounds as though you may be accidentally blocking port 80 incoming...
difficult to say without knowing hwo your fw is configured.

How do you connect to the internet?  What have you setup as your inside and
outside intefaces?  (outside should be something like ppp0)  Is there
anythoing between you and the internet?  Can you ping or traceroute kde.org
with the firewall up?  If you can ping with the firewall up, then traffic is
passing your machine out to the net, and it's prob your browser settings, if
not, it's the firewall.

If you post the details above, I'll try and help a bit more.


On Sunday 15 February 2004 23:27, Carlos Lorenzo Matés wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm having problems viewing www pages having SuSEFirewall2 Activated.
> i get this message
> Se produjo un error al cargar http://www.kde.org:
> Tiempo de espera agotado en el servidor
> La conexión era a www.kde.org en el puerto 80
> if I stop the SuSEFirewall2 the page is shown right.
> I'm using version 3.1 release 206
> Can someone help me?
> Greetings
> --
> Un Saludo.
> Carlos Lorenzo Matés
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