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Re: [suse-security] Off Topic : Lost GB in a Dual Boot System ?!

Hello remote,

what about a realname?

Am Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2004 10:43 schrieb remote:
> [...] Using yast2, I then reduced the Windows Partition in size to
> 26 GB and created another partition for SuSE, which works just fine.
> However, Windows now tells me that its own partition only has 20 GB,  

Maybe it eats up some GB for internal file system informations. But the 
difference of 6 GB is a little bit too much for such data...
You should ask this question on a Windows list ;-)

> [...] The yast partitioning tool however, insists that the Windows
> partition is actually 26 GB in size. 

YaST just calculates the size between start and end of the partition and 
ignores the filesystems.

> Adding up the results of the df command for 
> all partitions accessible in SuSE, I end up with just over 30 GB,

Like NTFS, all filesystems need some space for internal information 
(directory listing, journal, ...) - this space is not available for 
user data.

> while yast says (and I know the notebook came with a 40 GB hdd) the
> drive has a capacity of 37 GB.

I can explain at least the difference between 37 and 40 GB:
The 40 GB are "Marketing-GBs" (1000*1000*1000 Bytes), YaST tells you 
"real GBs" (1024*1024*1024 Bytes).

I just wonder why RAM is sold in "real MBs" - seems the marketing 
experts didn't recognice this yet ;-))


Christian Boltz

PS: no random sig today ;-)
[Unterschied zwischen "echten" MB (1024 kB) und "Marketing-MB" (1000 kB]
Wundert mich, daß Media Markt das noch nicht als Marktlücke entdeckt hat
:-)  537 MB-Speichermodule als Ersatz für herkömmliche 512 MB Module für
noch mehr Leistung -  garantiert überall lauffähig, wo auch die normalen
512 MB Module laufen *vbeg*        [Adalbert Michelic in suse-linux-faq]

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