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[suse-security] How to block MSN using SuSEfirewall2?

My teenage daughter spends all her time at home chatting on MSN.
It distracts her completely from being civil to her family
 and actually concentrating on her homework.

It's hard to ration because she does (sometimes)
 use her computer for study.
If I just turn off her access to the internet
 she will appear with some reason she needs to connect.

How can I turn on a block on MSN
 so there is only 1 hour a day it works?

The house server (Suse8.2 soon to be 9.0)
 has the ADSL connection
 and runs SuSEfirewall2, NAT, squid, DNS, etc.

Thanks for any pointers,

PS: The solution need not be very watertight,
	I would be delighted if she learned enough
	about networks to circumvent it.

Michael James                         michael.james@xxxxxxxx
System Administrator                    voice:  02 6246 5040
CSIRO Bioinformatics Facility             fax:  02 6246 5166

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