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Re: [suse-security] Off Topic : Lost GB in a Dual Boot System ?!

Hi Christian,

thanks for the reply. I think I have the solution by now. When I bought the notebook, it came only with the Windows Recovery CD, so I suspect that the missing 6 GB are some sort of inaccessible system backup where a fresh Windows is stored in case you want/have to use the Recovery CD. I posted my question in some other forums, and they agree with my theory. Also, a friend of mine, who has a similar system, is also missing around 6 GB, and WinXP is the only OS on his system. Sucks, hm ? 
Right now, I am considering reinstalling both OS from scratch (I have a normal WinXP that I could use), but frankly, I don´t have the time and inclination to do so. 
I was aware of the "Marketing Accounting" of hard drive capacity, though, never that that was my problem. You´re right though, I wonder, why they don´t do it with RAM ?


PS : Regarding the my real name, I signed the last mail with it, I just use this address to distinguish list mails from my normal mail.:)