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Re: [suse-security] How to block MSN using SuSEfirewall2?

On Friday 20 February 2004 07:07, Michael James wrote:

> How can I turn on a block on MSN
>  so there is only 1 hour a day it works?
> The house server (Suse8.2 soon to be 9.0)
>  has the ADSL connection
>  and runs SuSEfirewall2, NAT, squid, DNS, etc.

Since you're running Squid already, I would suggest to solve it there. If you 
didn't modify the 'Safe_ports', the port MSN chat uses (1863 if I'm not 
mistaken) is in the defined ones. Remove it from this range (by splitting the 
1025-65535 region in two, excluding this port) and create a new set of rules, 
only allowing access to that port at a certain time of the day for your 
daughter. Read up on the ACL settings of Squid. I wouldn't mess with your 
firewall if you have Squid running already (if you need to solve things like 
this in your firewall, what's the point of using proxies then...)

Best regards,

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