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[suse-security] Postfix pop3 Login problems

I just installed SuSE 9.0 with postfix 2.0.14.  I can not seem to log in using Outlook.  I've been running Postfix on another server for a couple of years now on a red had 7.3 server with courrier IMAP and have had no problems.  It is set up with Maildir instead of /var/mail, and was wondering if this might be part of the problem.  I am pretty sure qpopper is running on my machine.  I haven't been using ssh,  I know that I probably should.   As when I started working with Linux, there appears to be a central bit of information that I am missing that would make this all be easier.  Does 9.0 come with only SSH enabled?  And if it does what would be the first thing that I need to do or read to adapt to this change, and to be able to access my email from a windows Outlook client?
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