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[suse-security] Bug in gpg 1.2.2-rc1-SuSE with --passphrase-fd 0?

Is this a bug or a feature with gpg 1.2.2-rc1-SuSE from SuSE 8.2?

If I try the command below I am asked for a mantra/password.

echo "Testpw" | gpg  --batch --passphrase-fd 0 \
--output test.txt.gpg --symmetric test.txt

In a German usenet-discussion I was told in MID 
<slrnc3d94h.m2e.themel-at.linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> that the 
command works with a "non-SuSE-modified gpg"

Do you have any ideas what I have to do to use gpg in a script with 
a dynamically created password?


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