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Re: [suse-security] kernel update for 9.0

On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 05:42:33PM +0100, klaus.ruhwinkel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi List,
> I can't install the kernel update for 9.0. I got an error from RPM:
> invalid signature for the kernel k_deflt and k_athlon.
> rpm -Uhv k_deflt.rpm
> error: k_deflt.rpm: V3 DSA signature: BAD, key ID 9c800aca
> error: k_deflt.rpm cannot be installed

Hmm, in principle the packages are sane:

$ rpm -K /pub/suse/i386/update/9.0/rpm/i586/k_{athlon,deflt}-2.4.21-192.i586.rpm
/pub/suse/i386/update/9.0/rpm/i586/k_athlon-2.4.21-192.i586.rpm: sha1 md5 gpg OK
/pub/suse/i386/update/9.0/rpm/i586/k_deflt-2.4.21-192.i586.rpm: sha1 md5 gpg OK

> Has anybody an idea.

Maybe a flaw in the downloaded file. What md5sum do you get?

Mine is:

$ md5sum /pub/suse/i386/update/9.0/rpm/i586/k_{athlon,deflt}-2.4.21-192.i586.rpm
90e0a63318e67e4d80bbf599e092a9e9  /pub/suse/i386/update/9.0/rpm/i586/k_athlon-2.4.21-192.i586.rpm
ecfbe03e394832b72a3b9c82eb126064  /pub/suse/i386/update/9.0/rpm/i586/k_deflt-2.4.21-192.i586.rpm

Do you get the same? If not try to download again. If this does not help, try
a different mirror site.

If you get the same, you may try to reimport the public key from the first
CD/DVD by the following commands:

# rpm -e gpg-pubkey-9c800aca-39eef481
# rpm --import gpg-pubkey-9c800aca-39eef481.asc


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