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Re: [suse-security] Linux Kernel (SuSE-SA:2004:005)

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 10:34, Peter Buenemann wrote:
> Hi,
> Have been just looking for 8.0 kernel patch - and it is still not available 
> Bye
> Peter Buenemann

Did you look in http://ftp.leo.org/pub/suse/i386/update/8.0/d3/ by any
chance? I'm not sure if this is the latest (I'm using 9.0) but the dates
look about right.

kernel-source-2.4.18.SuSE-282.i386.rpm     10-Feb-2004 08:42  30.4M 
kernel-source-2.4.18.SuSE-282.i386_de.info 18-Feb-2004 17:12     2k  
kernel-source-2.4.18.SuSE-282.i386_en.info 18-Feb-2004 17:12     1k

Ken Schneider
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