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RE: [suse-security] SuSEfirewall2 and multiple IPs for interface

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> From: Volker Kuhlmann [mailto:hidden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: 21 February 2004 23:24
> To: suse-security@xxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: [suse-security] SuSEfirewall2 and multiple IPs for
> interface
> > you should have a look at  Shorewall instead of SuSEfirewall2 !
> There are also openwall and ipcop. Smoothwall however is out, as far as
> I am concerned, because of
> http://www.linux.net.nz/lists/NZLUG/2001/12/0176.html
> I don't know how they're all related.

I always used to read Richard Morrell's postings with a certain amount 
of amusement, especially when ppl asked how to modify the product. Anyway, 
he's left Smoothwall now so you needn't worry about his attitude any more!


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