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Re: [suse-security] access via SSH

Op maandag 23 februari 2004 23:11, schreef u:
> I'm just going to state the obvious here, but it's a start...  Have you
> tried turning off the FW to make sure that is not the source of your
> problem?  Any error messages on the client side, when you try to connect?
> Are you sure that both the client and the server are using the same SSH
> protocol?

Hello again,

I turned off FW and then I can access it using SSH, so probably not a v1 or v2 
issue. Yes sshd is running.
Strange is that I setup FW with yast2 and surely allowe SSH as added service,
I also accept port 22 to be open. This is confermed to be open using nmap 
scanning localhost (

Looking in /var/log/messages I notice that the boxes that want to gain access 
will be DROPPED by SuSE FW.


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