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Re: [suse-security] SUSE Security Announcement: Linux Kernel (SuSE-SA:2004:005)

Hi Volker,

> I have the rsync listing of planetmirror.com for the SuSE 8.0 update
> dir, as of 2004-01-25. They clearly show the -282 packages. I would like
> to think that the only way for these packages to appear there is by way
> of SuSE supplying them :))
> > rpm -Kv /tmp/k_deflt-2.4.18-282.i386.rpm
> /tmp/k_deflt-2.4.18-282.i386.rpm:
> MD5 sum OK: 85a415b18623f975fe784ed79add7896
> gpg: Signature made Thu 18 Dec 2003 09:05:11 NZDT using DSA key ID 9C800ACA
> gpg: Good signature from "SuSE Package Signing Key <build@xxxxxxx>"
--> These are the packages from the last kernel update (see  
SuSE-SA:2004:001). They contain the kernel you should be running since 
January 5 of this year.


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