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Re: [suse-security] SuSE Firewall2 ? same as pro9 firewall2?


Mike Partyka wrote:
Could someone please explain a little more about the suse firewall2 product?
I purchased SuSE Linux Pro 9.0 and it has a firewall2 with it.

Is that the same as the SuSE firewall2 product I've seen advertised on the
SuSE website? I see there is also a VPN module that can be purchased is this
somewhere with my distribution so I could try it out? If not, any way an
evaluation can be gotten? I've looked on  their site but there's realy not
mich info about the firewall2 product.

The product advertised on the web ist "SUSE Firewall on CD" which is a live system, already installed on CD and thus *readonly*. It is a special distribution based on SLES and hardened for firewall usage.


The "trick" is, that it can be configured using a floppy disk, which is configured on another host ("Admin host") using a graphical front end. In some sense this is some kind of "appliance", but without any hardware dependency. It runs on every normal x86 PC. I used it in several client projects and since version 2 it is a very neat tool, but not much advertised recently.



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