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[suse-security] Kernel k_deflt-2.4.21-144.i586.rpm initrd-Problem...

Hi list,

I'm new to linux. And I have a problem concerning the Kernel Patch. I just 
updated 2 SUSE Linux 9.0 Pro boxes with YOU which worked fine. They needed 
the athlon-Kernel.

Then I was about to update another box which needed the default kernel. The 
download and installation of the RPMs worked fine, too. When I rebooted GRUB 
was loaded and made the output that initrd wasn''t found and Error 15 
occured. Linux was of course unable to boot.

I tried to do the kernel update manually with

rpm -Uhv k_deflt-2.4.21-144.i586.rpm

and got the output:

Root device:    /dev/hda6 (mounted on / as ext2)
No initrd required
Using grub, re-install of bootloader not required.

When I go into /boot there is an initrd-file which is marked red and links to 
a initrd-2.4.21-144-default which isn't found.

When I try to mkinitrd I get the same output as above (no initrd required).

Could somebody help me please?

I hope this is posted right here in the security issues...



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