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Re: [suse-security] Restricted Samba access on 8.0

are you using Win2k and WinXP clients ?
If so, try to open port 445, that's what the newer Microsoft clients
use to connect to SMB-shares first.
What are you using 443 (https) for ?

HTH, Philipp

Kenneth Schneider schrieb:

I run a samba server at work using winbind and XFS/ACL's for auth and
need to know which ports need to be open to only allow access to the SMB
shares. I currently have 137-139 and 443 (both tcp & udp) open but
always get the error "The network path was not found". Are there other
ports that need to be open for access to work? Obviously if I open all
ports I have access not only to the SMB shares but everything else as

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