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Re: [suse-security] "What manual page do you want?" message when using ssh

Hi !

> when I type ssh root@hostname from one of the nodes the following
> lines are seen,
> Success
> What manual page do you want?
> Connection to hostname closed.
> The first line is fine, however I do not understand what the second
> line is about...? 
--> The second line is probably caused by a misconfigured call to the 
"man" command. I had this problem when installing the Intel Fortran 
compiler IFC and executing the script
in the ~/.bashrc file.

Change the line
MANPATH="/opt/intel/compiler70/man":$(man -w); export MANPATH
MANPATH="/opt/intel/compiler70/man"; export MANPATH

and it will work without the line you get above. If it's not IFC, it's 
probably some other start-up script that has the "man -w" 
command which causes the error message.


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