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[suse-security] Network Device Problem

Dear List,

I've a certain security problem. My SuSE 9.1 box has two network cards (ne2k-pci, sundance). I also run SuSEfirewall. Everytime my box starts the network devices are assigned to a different interface, e.g.

1. Boot: sundance -> eth0
         ne2k-pci -> eth1
2. Boot: ne2k-pci -> eth0
         sundance -> eth1
3. Boot: the other way round....

So sometimes my services (like bind, squid, vftpd) listen on the world devices (which is not wished) and sometimes they listen on the internal network interface (wished configuration). Now anyone can attack my services, because SuSEfirewall offers them to world outside.

Does anybody know this bug/poblem?



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