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Re: [suse-security] Where to report SPAM, scams, viruses, etc... (when it is illegal)

The Monday 2004-05-17 at 17:44 +0200, J. Theriault wrote:

> Lately, the spam I have been receiving has been more and more offensive
> and illegal in it's offerings (many obious bank fraud scams,

Usually I sent the most flagrant of those to an email of my country
police, internet fraud or crime divission. But I suppose they were
receiving so much spam that the closed it :-(

I saw a note on my bank web page saying they were very interested in being
notified about emails asking clientes their for account data, and they
cited a phone, 24*7. I assume any bank mentioned in those scams should be
interested in knowing.

If what you receive is about the "nigerian spam", there was a link about
it on the FBI page. It appears some people were killed:

  United States Secret Service: Advance Fee Fraud Advisory

If you are interested on the humor side, see:

  Conversations with a Nigerian Bank Scammer

I suppose you will find more links there, or googling. I don't even know
if they are still valid.

> pirated
> software, etc...)

The agency protecting or handling software copyrights in your country, I

> and when left with only an unlisted phone number or
> domain it can be difficult to know where to send the information to have
> the proper action taken, especially if it's a foreign country.

I don't bother. Only if it affect a local institution (they use their
name) I may inform them, forwarding the email to them. If they don't have
an email, I do nothing.

> At the moment I report major problems (such as domains offering bank
> scams) to the ISPs in question and ignore most "normal" spam.

The ISP... :-?

       Carlos Robinson

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