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Re: [suse-security] cannot access ftp server -- getpeername (in.ftpd): Transport endpoint is not connected

El 2004-05-17 a las 19:57 -0400, Chad Perrin escribió:

You forgot to email to the list.

> >>The ftp server on a web/mail/inet-gateway machine I am taking care of can
> >>no longer be accessed, ever since one of the secretaries decided to
> >>switch it off and on again because she could not access her files on a
> >>Windows server.
> >>
> >>
> Is it possible that the FTP service is not set to start automatically on
> bootup and needs to be started from the command line?

Network daemons (servers) can be started from a start script
(rc...something in suse linux), or from the inetd (or xinetd) process,
whenever a conection is attempted.

>From the comand line... well, unless it failed to start, it may be usefull
on a machine where there is normally no ftp server, but it can be manually
started when somebody asks for it.

       Carlos Robinson

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