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[suse-security] CVS is broken after last update on SuSE 8.2

I installed the last CVS update on our SuSE 8.2 CVS server last Thursday (May 20). Since then, some users get the error
"cvs update: move away <xxx>; it is in the way" when running cvs update.
It seemed to be rather machine specific, not user specific (different windows clients, SuSE machine is running pserver). But downgrading to the original version delivered with 8.2 made the errors go away.

This is the first time (for me), that a SuSE update broke something rather bad, so I'm confident that this was just a one-time mistake ;-)

Is this going to be fixed? It is not really critical at the moment, because the CVS server is an internal machine, but I keep it updated nevertheless.

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