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Re: [suse-security] CVS is broken after last update on SuSE 8.2

On May 24, Kevin Brannen <kevin_brannen@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You're misinterpreting the source of the error; it's not Suse, it's CVS. The CVS developers have changed the default action in seveal areas "recently", IIRC. So as Suse pulls those patches in for the updates, you get the "new features". Goto http://www.csvhome.org and check out the some of the changelogs, FAQs, and those sorts of docs.
I've thought that the SuSE update policy is to "fix only bugs and no new features", at least I would have expected a note in the update description when using YOU/fou4s.

I can't imagine that this is right.


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